S&W M&P10 – More Observations

After posting my initial observations there were some more questions thrown out, all that I didn’t even think about covering in the first post, so I did a little research to get smart on the other .308 ARs by watching a cleaning video on youtube for the Armalite AR-10 and a few videos on the DPMS LR-308 so I could compare and contrast it the M&P10. While seeing these, I noticed a few more similarities and differences between the .308 ARs already on the market and M&P10.

The buffer looks a lot smaller than the Armalite AR-10’s buffer. I noticed the M&P10’s buffer was proportionately smaller than an AR15’s buffer to buffer spring, so I broke out an AR15 buffer to see how the M&P10’s buffer compares to it, and it is absolutely smaller than the Armalite AR-10 buffer. It looks like the same size as an AR15 buffer, but it may have weighed a little more (even though I did not do a precision weigh).  This is in addition to being kind of beat up where I could tell it had hit the buffer retainer pin more than a few times. The picture I posted in my earlier review did a poor job of showing the wear on the buffer.  Hopefully one of these two do a better job of showing the out of the box wear on the buffer.

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Smith and Wesson M&P10 – 308 – My first impressions

I have been wanting to explore the AR platform beyond 5.56/.223 and took my first dive into that area with yesterday’s purchase of a Smith & Wesson M&P10.  I am located an hour and a half from the nearest range that would allow me to shoot beyond 200 meters, so my first impressions of the rifle out of the box are below.  But first, a little history lesson on the M&P10.

S&W got into the AR market with their M&P15 line.  So far, the M&P rifles have been generally well received from those knowledgeable on the AR platform.  Everyone I know that owns one has nothing but glowing reviews of it.  The M&P line is marketed towards military and police (hence M&P) and the M&P line of pistols have made gains in the law enforcement market, an area S&W dominated until Glock moved onto that scene.  One negative thing about the M&P pistols has been the poor trigger feel (keep that in mind moving forward).

Before I purchased this rifle, I knew I was going to be making upgrades to it in order to make it more of a precision rifle than my AR-15s.  Enhancements already planned were a Magpul PRS stock, a free float rail, a bipod, a more ergonomic pistol grip, and an optic of some kind.  Specific items I have in mind for these are listed at the bottom of the post.

Spec sheet from S&W here

The good:
A very light weight considering it is a 7.62mm rifle.  The M&P10 weighs in at less than 8 lbs.
The rifling in the barrel is a 1:10″ 5R twist, which has had very positive things reviewed about it.  I cannot speak for the 5R part, but the 1:10″ twist is the same as many high-end .308 caliber rifles.
The rifle has an ambidextrous safety and bolt release.  Since I am a righty, I don’t see the need for them, but I do realize there are many southpaws that shoot.  I operated the ambi controls from my left side and they worked okay I guess.  The uncomfortableness I felt was probably just from me operating an AR’s controls with my non-dominant hand.

The flash suppressor looks like it will be very effective

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