About This Blog

This blog will attempt to stay focused on two things:  small wars and small arms.

A US Special Forces Soldier instructing Malian troops in Counter-Terrorism tactics.

With regards to small wars, I will look at the full spectrum of Irregular Warfare (IW) to include Insurgency and Counter-Insurgency (COIN), Counter-Terrorism (CT), use of the military in stability and reconstruction operations (SRO), Unconventional Warfare and Foreign Internal Defense (UW/FID), counter-narcotics operations, and anything else that falls into that wide spectrum.  Small wars have been called many things to include Military Operations Other Than War (MOOTW), Low-Intensity Conflicts (LIC), and Stability and Security Operations (SASO).  Anything that could be classified in these areas could be discussed.  Some of the subjects that do not fall in that spectrum, and I will not discuss, are missile defense and force-on-force combat.

Afghan Commandos from 6th Kandak training in Rish Khvor. Notice the M4 carbines with ACOG optics and AN/PEQ-2 laser sights.

Small wars are generally fought using small arms.  Tanks, aircraft carriers, and submarines are sometimes used (when there is a state-actor involved in the conflict) but small wars can be fought, and won, using only small arms.  I will review weapons and weapon accessories for rifles, carbines, pistols, and other items that the Soldier fighting in the small wars have, or could have, access to.


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