New Generation Inforce WML

I’ve realized that I post here far less than I should. Recently a few members of who I respect greatly have discovered that blogs are a better format for the information they are attempting to share. That has encouraged me to update this blog more often and I am adding Nick and Ryan’s blog (Science of the Gun) and Billy’s blog (AZ Rifleman) to the links of this site.

I have posted some useful threads in the Technical Forums at, so an easy way to populate this blog with relevant info is to consolidate the information those discussions have driven.

My first attempt at this will be my review of the revamped Inforce WML.

I had a third gen. Inforce WML in the sand colored polymer. I knew that there had been reports of the sand polymer cracking, but it was a screaming dream on Amazon compared to the black and FDE WMLs and I needed something with white light and infrared (IR) light for use with night vision.

Anyways, the polymer begins to crack near the bezel, I finally get around to contacting Inforce on September 30th, and after a few exchanges of emails that day I have a RMA and their customer service rep has asked what color light I want for my replacement since they are no longer making lights with the sand colored polymer. I think I returned the cracked light on October 3rd or 4th.

October 14th  the replacement shows up. They sent me a Gen. 4 WML to replace the Gen. 3 WML and the Gen. 4 is a noticeable improvement over its predecessor. The toggle switch between IR and Vis feels tighter and locks into place requiring slightly more force to change. The safety now locks into place with an audible click sound. The threads are metal as opposed to the polymer threads of the earlier WML.


In the discussion thread on, another member shared this video, which was done by a guy who used for work for Inforce. At the time of this video, he was a former employee of the company. That being said, I still think it isn’t a tainted review. He’s pretty fair about the shortcomings of the earlier version of this light and tells how Inforce responded to those criticisms.

Regarding performance of the IR illuminator, I observed the WML under an AN/PVS-14 (Sorry, I don’t know what OMNI series the tube was), under clear skies with no moon and some ambient light from the cantonment area not visible on this image but about 700 meters north/north west of the red dot.  I did not notice a spot with the IR. That being said the IR corona is so large and bright that I think a spot inside the corona would make any object inside a spot too bright.

I was standing about where the red dot is on this imagery and was able to use the IR light to illuminate 80-85% of the treeline that was ~240 meters away (the treeline that is highlighted).


Anyways, a fantastic customer service experience and they replace a defective product with not just a working product but an improved product.

This post is a consolidated work of the discussion located here on As of the time of this blog posting, the discussion was still active and had not been archived.


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